Silent Safety and Security for Employees

There are many industries where employees work alone or are separated from coworkers. Security guards patrol different areas of a location alone. Convenience store clerks are often the only person working the counter. Technicians collecting soil or water samples are typically on their own. Truck drivers, delivery personnel, and repair professionals work solo as well.

Staying in Touch

Most of those people carry cell phones, have access to a dispatcher, or use walkie-talkies to communicate with coworkers or supervisors. Under regular circumstances, these devices are sufficient for communicating any safety issue or getting help in a dangerous situation. The one aspect of most of these devices that can compromise safety is that people need to talk into them to relay information. The problem is that, these days, regular circumstances are rare.

Increased Safety Required

People are in desperate situations, violence is out of control and on the rise, and no one is safe. Working alone or apart from coworkers is dangerous today, and there is no way around that fact. One device is perfect for safety because a panic button can be pushed without an intruder noticing at all. GPS tracking is also a built-in feature, so responders will know the exact location where assistance is needed.

This is also ideal for medical emergencies. That technician collecting soil samples can fall and break a leg. The security guard could be experiencing tightness in the chest. Utilizing the panic button on a Push To Talk (PTT) device is all that has to be done to alert dispatch and get help.

Advanced Communication

The system also provides cost-effective and fast communication nationwide. There is no need to pull over to make a phone call. Poor connections and static are drastically reduced. Dispatchers, supervisors, and colleagues can communicate with each other, with everyone, or with one specific person. Cellular data networks are used to provide secure communication quickly and easily.

Benefits Over Cellular Telephones

Devices have a SIM card for instant communication with no dialing needed. Coverage is nationwide, and safety features are standard on all devices. Unlike smartphones, these will not require replacement every year. The 4G technology means equipment will not be obsolete over the next several years. Low start-up costs are another benefit.


Since Peak Push Can Transform The Way To Communicate At Work, the business owner will save money on many levels. Productivity will increase because clear communication avoids repeating instructions and making errors. The safety features will reduce workers compensation claims due to quicker response time. Insurance premiums are likely to go down on liability policies due to added security measures.